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Working with La’Torria Lemon is more than just a professional relationship, La’Torria tends to align herself with projects and brands that not only resonate with her as a client but she actually puts herself in the consumers shoes to help validate why she chooses these brands to help them with getting their products activated correctly to the consumer.  La’Torria and the Lemon-Lime Light team all have a needle eye for detail and ensures that whatever initiatives they’re working on, gets fully executed to her clients needs and better!  Latorria approach to working on any project is very optimistic, something you either have or you don’t any company is lucky to work with Latorria and her team.

Tamara Ivey
The BSNM has been a client of lemon lime light media for over two years now, Latorria and her team are magnificent at what they do. They go above and beyond the call of PR work because they put the clients needs first and work diligently to produce satisfactory results. I couldn’t imagine working with another PR firm.
Desmond Bertrand-Pitts, CEO
The Buffalo Soldiers Museum

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  • So I cried my eyes out earlier! I had a special delivery from my #LemonLimeLightMedia Team @admirably_shae & @justbeingashlyn . These ladies said that I've been taking care of everyone these past few weeks and just wanted me to feel special. Ladies, you made me feel beyond special and this was RIGHT ON TIME. 🍋💐
  • Grab snacks and your beverage of choice (#DrinkBlue ) and enjoy a candid conversation, new music, gifts by @microsoft , and fun with @slimthug . @thealexis_fly
has some special #SlimThug trivia as well. Sunday Funday!!!! #BossLife #Microsoft #SundayFunday #LemonLimeLightMedia
  • We all need some laughs, right? Yep! Join 14 year old comedian, @tjboyce3.0 TODAY at 4pm for our new series, #QuarantineAndComedy presented by @microsoft . It's FREE, so be sure to register. Don't forget to grab your snacks! 
#Microsoft #TJBoyce #ComedyIQ #LemonLimeLightMedia
  • Check out Rolling Stone Magazine where @slimthug encourages everyone to please take #Coronavirus serious. 
#SlimThug #RollingStone #LemonLimeLightMedia
  • ‪Tune into PV U-KNO Radio’s IG Live  TOMORROW @ 3pm to hear Olivia Lemon The Main Squeeze @olivialajarria_ 🍋 talk to Houston’s very own @slimthug 🤘🏽🤘🏽#LemonLimeLightMedia ‬
  • ‪Tune into PV U-KNO Radio’s IG Live  TOMORROW @ 3pm to hear Olivia Lemon The Main Squeeze @olivialajarria_ 🍋 talk to Houston’s very own @slimthug 🤘🏽🤘🏽#LemonLimeLightMedia ‬
  • Check out the cover of @plastiqmag with @a1bentley where he chats about new music, Love & Hip Hop, partnership with @rivetingentertainment and more. Check it out! 
#RIVNow #LemonLimeLightMedia #RivetingEntertainment
  • Set your reminders for Monday at 3pm EST/ 12PM PST  because @davidbanner will be live on @thetammimacshow on @foxsoul . 
David Banner Podcast ✔
Good music✔
Great Conversation ✔
Real Talk ✔✔✔✔
Tune in!!!
#DavidBanner #FoxSoul #LemonLimeLightMedia
  • I had the pleasure of booking the national anthem singer at the Rockets last home Game. check out @sincerelylenora 
manager: @joshuatdada 
#LemonLimeLightMedia 🤘🏾🇨🇱
  • This week will make two years since I started my website. I will be sharing my favorite moments daily. Thanks everyone for the support, you all the best.
#Repost @aj3report
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Quick Interview With @claudiajordan at Dear Frank movie premiere. #claudiajordan #dearfrank #moviepremiere #redcarpet #atlantamedia #muddfilms #psychologicalthriller #darkcomedy #suspense #whokilledmefrank #lemonlimelightmedia #muddywatermotionpictures #morningrush #dallas
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